NAD Biomarker Study – 3 test participation


The NAD Biomarker Study 3 test participation panel will be measuring the levels of NAD+ and additional metabolites.

3 test participation includes testing for 3 blood draws. This is an option for participants planning to, or already engaged in an NAD boosting protocol. This test may reveal and contribute to the understanding of baseline, boosting, and decay levels of the NAD metabolites.

Any NAD boosting protocols you may or may not engage in, and the number of times samples are collected are entirely up to you under the guidance of your practitioner or clinician.

Any test results reported as part of this study are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, and no clinically relevant results or medical inference will be provided to participants.

*Sample collection kits may not be shipped to,?and?samples cannot be received from the state of NY.

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